Complexity Brought Into

Providing Quantitative Analysis to Support and Advance Medical Device Development

Clinical Imaging Analytics
Clinical Imaging Analytics
Empowering  Medical Research & Analysis

Empowering Medical Research & Analysis

Using Technology

Clinical Imaging Analytics reduces the complexity of anatomic geometry, variation, and image data into knowledge and understanding that are clear enough to act on without losing essential detail.

Clinical Imaging Analytics provides quantitative analysis and creates illustrative visualizations to support and advance medical device development throughout all phases.

Clinical Imaging Analytics
Clinical Imaging Analytics

Research & Development

  • Geometric analysis of target anatomy
  • Design of in vitro anatomic models
  • Evaluation of medical image workstations and software
Clinical Imaging Analytics


  • Patient selection and device sizing
  • Implant position, stability, integrity, and performance
  • Root Cause and Due Diligence
  • Summary of image reviews for reports and publication
Clinical Imaging Analytics


  • Performance claims based on the treatment of challenging anatomy
  • Marketing illustrations from representative cases
  • Definition of anatomic models to demonstrate device placement and function