Use Our Analysis  Services For Precise

Use Our Analysis Services For Precise

Medical Reports

Clinical Imaging Analytics maximizes the value of pre-and post-operative clinical imaging.

We help by reducing complex image data into information that you can utilize to make more informed decisions. From initial design through the clinical trial and post-market evaluation phases, biomedical device manufacturers need to obtain as much information as possible from their image data to enhance the quality of patient care and to stay competitive. That’s where we come in.

Clinical Imaging Analytics delivers new insights in the form of interpreted data from medical images.

The qualitative and quantitative insights into the geometry and condition of a device’s target location or the delivery pathway through the body are the key to new problem-solving innovations, design constraints, testing parameters, and confident, accurate marketing claims for target patient populations.

Clinical Imaging Analytics excels across the spectrum of scope and complexity.

Your need may be as simple as creating a clear visualization of the tortuosity and lumen quality of the access vessels in a specific patient. In other cases, the need may be as involved as quantifying the geometry of several anatomic parameters across a population of prospective patients or even innovating customized approaches to measurement or visualization. We have the experience to assist you in all these areas.

Clinical Imaging Analytics provides quantitative analysis and creates illustrative visualizations to support and advance medical device development at all phases

Research & Development

anatomic Modeling for device design and testing

From CT segmentation . . . to virtual objects . . . to ready to print STL files.


clinical services

  • Verification of device integrity (e.g., detection of stent fracture)
  • 3D visualization of device position and in vivo environment
  • Identification and characterization of potential anatomic risk factors
  • Pre-operative image analysis for sizing, screening, and procedural planning
  • Post-operative image analysis to confirm device placement, form, and function
  • Development of image review protocols and visual step-by-step training documents
Clinical Imaging Analytics

commercial services

Clinical Imaging Analytics
  • Anatomic modeling for training and deployment demonstration
  • In vivo product illustration
  • Clear and concise technical reports detailing the analysis of device performance corresponding to variations in patient anatomy
Clinical Imaging Analytics